We want to introduce you to Louisiana’s next Senator — Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins.

Adrian has always put service before self. He did so during his three tours with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, as mayor of Shreveport, and now he’s ready to fight for Louisiana in the U.S. Senate. We can flip the Senate blue and elect a Senator who will fight for us. But it’s going to take all of us.

Adrian is the grandson of a Louisiana sharecropper, raised by a single mom with the help of love, faith, and family.  


In September of 2001, when he was only 16 years old, Adrian watched the twin towers fall and knew that it was up to people like him to serve our country. He was accepted to West Point, and became the first Black Student Body President.


After completing Army Ranger training, Adrian served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he earned the rank of Captain and was awarded a Bronze Star.


After graduating from Harvard Law, Adrian found himself at a crossroads — he had opportunities his granddad could never have dreamed of. He could move to big cities and work for big-name law firms with a big time salary. But he said no.


Adrian came home to Louisiana to work for the city and people that gave him so much. Under his leadership as Mayor, Shreveport balanced its budget, created new jobs and economic opportunities, and lowered its crime rate.


Today, Louisiana is at a crossroads. Louisiana is being ravaged by the coronavirus, front line workers are being forced to choose between a paycheck and their own safety, and Hurricane Laura devastated parts of our state — and our leaders in Washington are doing nothing to help.


We need to work together to meet the challenges of this moment head-on. Times like this call for leaders that possess the courage and integrity that is native to Louisiana.