Better Road Louisiana, is a super PAC dedicated to supporting Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins’ bid for the United States Senate against Sen. Bill Cassidy. The organization will be co-chaired by New Orleans State Representatives Mandie Landry and Matthew Willard.


“The efforts by the United States Congress to adequately address the coronavirus pandemic show us that the system is broken. We need stronger leadership from our U.S. Senators, especially during this precarious time,” said Reps. Landry and Willard. “Sen. Cassidy, of all people, should know better as a medical professional. He has voted time and again to rip healthcare away from people with pre-existing conditions and eliminate programs like Medicaid expansion - which has been a lifeline for working people during this pandemic. If Sen. Cassidy had his way, almost one million Louisiana residents with pre-existing conditions could lose access to health care and dozens of rural hospitals in some of our state’s poorest areas would close. Mayor Perkins has spent his life serving our country - as an Army Airborne Ranger and now as the Mayor of Shreveport. He’s part of a new generation of leaders standing up for the people of Louisiana, and we are excited to work to send him to the U.S. Senate.”



Scott Arceneaux is a veteran political strategist based in Florida. A native of Louisiana, Scott played an integral role in Gov. John Bel Edwards’ 2015 election and 2019 re-election, providing strategic consulting and leading the get out the vote efforts for Gov. Edwards. He also previously served as Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. In 2018, Scott was the campaign manager for Andrew Gillum’s race for Florida Governor.


Richard Carbo served as campaign manager for Gov. John Bel Edwards in 2019. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor, and spent more than 7 years working on Capitol Hill and to elect Democrats throughout the South. Richard was named campaign manager of the year for his work on Gov. Edwards’ re-election campaign and the AAPC’s Top 40 Under 40. 


Bill Rouselle is the owner of Bright Moments, a full service public relations, marketing, and advertising firm based in New Orleans. For more than 35 years, Bill has helped candidates in New Orleans and across the country. Most recently, Bill served as a senior advisor on Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign for president. In 2019, he was part of the media team that helped Gov. John Bel Edwards become the first Democratic Governor to be re-elected in 40 years. Bill also serves as an advisor for New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. 


Katie Penland served as finance director for Gov. John Bel Edwards’ re-election campaign, raising a record $24 million for the campaign and an additional $7 million for the state party. Prior to joining Gov. Edwards’ campaign, Katie served as Southern Regional Finance Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and for congressional candidates across the country. 


Trey Ourso is a partner at Ourso Beychok, a political consulting and direct mail firm based in Baton Rouge. Trey Ourso was awarded the AAPC Pollie Excellence Award as the 2015 Campaign Strategist of the Year for his work with Gumbo PAC during the Louisiana governor’s race. Trey led Gumbo PAC again in 2019, managing a budget of over $13 million during Governor John Bel Edwards' historic re-election.


Adam Magnus and Elisabeth Pearson are founding partners of Magnus Pearson Media, one of the top media consulting firms in the country. Adam and Elisabeth produced television ads for Gumbo PAC in 2019 helping re-elect Governor John Bel Edwards and making “Phony Rispone” a household name in Louisiana. Adam and Elisabeth are also both proud of their work as part of the 2014 Gumbo PAC team that helped put Governor Edwards in office. Magnus Pearson is proud its' work for Senate candidates and independent expenditures in 22 states nationwide, including helping unseat multiple incumbents and win competitive open state races.  


Kristine Breithaupt leads Last Word Strategies, a digital-first media company based in New Orleans. She is a veteran of dozens of statewide and local elections in Louisiana since 2008. LWS helped lead New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell to a 20 point victory in 2017. Prior to serving as a digital communications consultant, Kristine Breithaupt worked in print, television, and radio journalism.